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At Thompson's Air Conditioning, we provide expert services for commercial and residential, in new construction, replacements, and maintenance.


Air conditioning is very important in the Sunshine State, where temperatures regularly exceed what most would find comfortable, and we’re here to help out! Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, Thompson’s Air Conditioning can repair, replace or install heating and cooling systems. Our skilled installation and on call technicians are professional and courteous. Contact us today for an estimate!


Choosing the right control unit can save you money. Having an updated thermostat can provide a lot of convenience and will help save resources by allowing you to set schedules and put the system to sleep when you’re going to be away. We offer thermostat and dehumidistat sales and installation from one of several quality manufacturers



Bought a new home with failing or old ductwork? Constructing a building for a new business and need installation? We’re here for you, whether it’s new construction, repairing an existing ductwork system or just replacing an old system.



Clogged dryer vents can reduce the efficiency of your machine and increase your electric bill. If you have noticed your dryer is running longer or your clothes are not drying properly, you are probably in need of a dryer vent cleaning. Keeping a clean dryer vent also prevents fire hazard caused by flammable lint buildup.


Keeping all of your units in working order is imperative and will save you a lot of money in the end. Our maintenance plan is designed to be an affordable alternative to replacing your heating or cooling systems. Replacing an air conditioner or heater is very expensive, so make sure to have regular check ups to ensure they keep working.

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Ensure you’re never caught in the heat with a huge repair bill. Keep your system working with our Preventative Maintenance Agreement!


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